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Favourites in and around Rotterdam Centraal

Rotterdam Centraal LebkovThe area around the new central railway station in Rotterdam is called the Rotterdam Central District. Most of time when you are in the Rotterdam Central District, you are likely to be on the go and maybe in a hurry to catch your train. But if you do have some spare time, there are great places to have something to eat or drink, before catching your train. Lees meer

Day of Architecture @ Rotterdam

Last Saturday during the Day of Achitecture, I went on a tour with Parfum De Boem Boem to see some (hidden) architectural treasures in Rotterdam. The tour started at Air with delicious coffee from Man Met Bril, a coffee brand from Rotterdam and some special flavoured stroopwafels (caramel waffles) from Stroop. After these treats we walked to some special none public places in Rotterdam. Lees meer