Mindfulness and Yoga @ the Vroesen Paviljoen

yoga Rotterdam

I am very happy to announce that Rian from De Wereld van Nu and I are giving a Mindfulness and Yoga Workshop at the Vroesen Paviljoen this Sunday morning (the 12th day of June). We hope to give your day a relaxed kick-start with Yoga and Mindfulness in the open air, the sounds of the Vroesenpark and “hopefully” in the warmth of the sun.

Mindfulness Yoga

yoga Rotterdam

Yoga and Mindfulness are two disciplines, who reinforce each other. During this workshop we will focus on the awareness to what is going on in our mind and body. Mindfulness meditation and yoga exercises will be alternated. Rian will guide you during Mindfulness Meditation and teach you how to use mindfulness in your daily life. During the Yoga poses we will concentrate on the breath and take the time to feel what is happening in our bodies.

Of course you can have lunch (“or breakfast”) @ the lovely Vroesen Paviljoen afterwards

Please come and join us @ the Vroesenpark Sunday morning

Note: bring your own yoga mat or towel to sit on, wear comfortable clothes and (if cold) a blanket. The workshop is for every level of experience and open for everybody.

More information: Vroesen Paviljoen Podium

10.00 -12.00 AM Sunday June 12th (if it is raining the workshop will be canceled)

Language: Dutch

Location: Vroesen Paviljoen, Vroesenlaan 60, 3039 DZ Rotterdam




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