Het Nieuwe Paviljoen @ Rotterdam

Het Nieuwe Paviljoen

Last weekend, while taking a stroll through the city, I finally visited Het Nieuwe Paviljoen/The New Pavilion. I got very curious when I saw this building getting developed earlier this year. A stranger in the city next to beautiful buildings such as the Sonneveld House, the White Villa designed by Baas and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. This very special temporary building, is a project from Het Nieuwe Institute and is designed by the architecture office SeARCH.

The domed pavilion, with its grass overgrown exterior, would not look out of place in the lands of Hobbits or Teletubbies. However inside the dome, you will find no fictional creatures, but a small tropical garden and hammocks to relax in. Het Nieuwe Paliljoen is a calm oasis in the middle of Rotterdam city.

Het Nieuwe Paviljoen

Here you will find a great short film about the construction of Het Nieuwe Paviljoen. You can visit Het Nieuwe Paviljoen until 28th of September 2014 it is located next to Het Nieuwe Institute and the Sonneveld House.



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  1. pieter zegt:

    as a” member” of Rotterdam The New Pavilion is new for me.
    so you can see that the Citty of Rotterdam have many surprise’s for me also

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