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Susan Bijl Store Saturday I visited the new Susan Bijl store @ Rotterdam, a beautiful and clean store. For years The New Shopping Bag is been dominating the streets of Rotterdam. The fun, fresh and good looking bags made from nylon, are very popular and also a sustainable solution for the waste caused by single use plastic bags. I love that the bag looks good on everybody, men, women and kids.

Susan Bijl Store My Susan Bijl Bag

I bought my first Susan Bijl bag back in 2010, before I left Rotterdam to travel the world for 4½ months. I love a good bag, but backpacking and a normal handbag do not go together. So I was looking for a practical and good looking bag.

At the yoga studio, where I instructed classes at the time, everybody was using The New Shopping Bag and I thought it would be a great bag to take on my travels. The New Shopping Bag size L, turned out to be perfect for travelling. The bags are lightweight, strong and easy to fold. I used it all the time, as a handbag, for groceries, as a beach bag and so on. The best part of the bag was, that it was a conversation starter, with people from Rotterdam that recognised the bag, or people carrying their own Susan Bijl Bag. I never thought, that a bag could make me friends!

Susan Bijl Store

New collection

The new collection is called Horizons. 24 new colour combinations with the signature flash, to fit perfectly with our summer wardrobe. My personal favourites are the ocean & shrimp and the sky & miami.

What is your favourite??

Susan Bijl StoreYou can find the Susan Bijl store @ Mauritsweg 45a

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